Beat Master & Sound Sculptor
Melodious Minstrel & Daring Dancer
...inspired melodies weave poetry through an opulent soundscape, stirring the imagination and awakening the soul...

It was a balmy autumn day in 2003, when I first met Lara. I was already decided on a music career and after spending a couple of hours in the studio together, convinced Lara, the then dancer, of her natural vocal ability.

FireFliers was born. We found writing our first song, Life’s a Circle, so much fun, that we wrote another nine in quick succession. We share a liking for much of the same music and soon found our own sound, drawing from Lara's influences of pop, dance, and drum ‘n’ bass and my influences of classical, heavy metal, electronic and jazz.

We both have a sense of the dramatic and are looking forward to performing, making full use of my liking for musical gadgetry and electronics, and Lara’s love of dance and melody.